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Bardazzi Law PLLC

Dec 7, 2019
Bardazzi Law PLLCDo you want to open a restaurant but thinking about the liquor license? Or you already have a restaurant but having problems operating it as you don’t have the license. No matter what reason you want to sell or trade liquor or operate your restaurant you need a liquor license. You have to fulfill some criteria in order to have the liquor license and if you are having problems obtaining the license then Bardazzi Law PLLC is here for you as we have the best liquor license attorney New Yorkwe have attorneys who are expert in this specific field and have years of experience. They will guide you through the whole process and assist you to run your business smoothly. Depending on your needs there are several types of license that you need to operate in New York our attorney will not only tell you which type of license you would need but also will make the process easier and hassle-free.
Immigration laws have become very hard than ever before nowadays and have changed over the years. There are many problems that the public faces regarding immigration like someone have the right to have the green card but they are not getting it. Besides, there are many citizens who have a green card but their family members live outside of the USA. Due to immigration laws, the family members can’t visit USA. If you are having this kind of problem and need immigration attorney New Yorkthen Bardazzi Law PLLC is here for you.
Do you want to enter into the U.S. and carry out substantial trade? Then you will be in need of E-1 visa United States. People of all countries can’t get the E-1 visa there are certain requirements that you have to fill if you want E-1 visa United States. If you need some help regarding the e-1 visa then Bardazzi Law PLLC can help you in this regard.
The people who possibly can have a positive impact on the U.S. economy, society, and job market are granted with the E-2 visa United States. If you need some help regarding E-2 visa the United StatesBardazzi Law PLLC have the best immigration attorney New Yorkto provide you with the best possible service.
No matter if you need help regarding corporate & Commercial legal problems, Immigration, Trademark, Real Estate & Commercial Leasing, Liquor License & Restaurant Law or Employment Law at Bardazzi Law PLLC we have the best experiences and highly qualified attorneys. In case you need us don’t hesitate to call us at 347-254-9133. You can also meet us in person our address is One Liberty Plaza, 23rd Fl., New York, NY 10006.
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Bardazzi Law PLLC
One Liberty Plaza, 23rd Fl.  New York  NY  10006 
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