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Jessica Gitlin RodanandFields Independent Consultant
  6 Alexander Cct  Craigieburn  VIC  3064 
  Phone: 818-808-7530 
  Homepage:  Go To http://www.asap-restoration.com
Contact: Jessica Gitlin RodanandFields Independent Consultant


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  About Jessica Gitlin RodanandFields Independent Consultant
  Hi! I am Jessica Gitlin and I have been a Rodan and Fields skincare Independent Consultant for many years. With Rodan & Fields team of board-certified dermatologists and the incredible line of skincare products, Rodan & Fields Skincare has become the highest rated skincare company in the U.S.! And, I'm here to help bring it to you in Melbourne, Australia and areas around Melbourne, Australia!
Rodan + Fields:registered: is redefining the future of skincare. Founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, world-renowned dermatologists & founders of Proactiv, we are the #1 skincare brand in the United States. We have unique skincare products backed by clinical results.

If you are fighting acne, dark spots, aging lines and wrinkles, redness/sensitivity or just want to keep your skin looking as young as possible for as long as possible, then I have something for you.

I love these products and have used them for years and with their satisfaction guarantee, you can't go wrong!

I want to be your personal consultant for providing the best skincare products to you. I also want to discuss the great business opportunity of you coming on board my team of highly qualified Independent Consultants to bring Rodan and Fields skincare to all areas in Australia.

I offer free skin care consultations and would love to see what we have that's perfect for you!! Contact me today, connect with me on social media or my website. 
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