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Golden State Tint
  11822 Tres Bispos Ave  Las Vegas  NV  89138 
  Phone: 702-646-5336 
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Contact: Golden State Tint


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  About Golden State Tint
  Golden State Tint has over 26 years of experience serving the Las Vegas, Nevada area and surrounding communities. We not only pride ourselves in our expert attention to detail but also in providing excellent customer service.

We understand our customer needs and are always here to help you along in selecting the best treatment for home or business needs. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

Here at Golden State Tint, we are a family owned and operated business. We are the premier residential and commercial window tinting company in Las Vegas. We have been in the window film industry for the last 26 years and have dealt with all the window film manufactures at one time or another.

Here are some of our top quality window tinting services in Las Vegas:

Residential: anti-Glare tinting, UV (ultraviolet protection) Heat protection tinting, Privacy tinting, We use CBond products which is the top quality tinting product, which helps guarantee ballistic window tint and protects from smashing, Turf Guard protection tint,Security Film/Tint- Suntek products and Photochromic/Transition Film

Anti Grafiti Tint, Security Film/Tint- Suntek, Solar Tintm Ballistic tint, Metal Shield/Tint (protects escalators, elevators…anything metal) CBond products, Turf Guardm Photochromic/Transition Film

Our residential line comes with a lifetime warranty on the film and our commercial film comes with a 15-year warranty from the manufacturer. 
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